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“Photo Restoration” is now available!!

Do you have any old photos laying around that you wish you could display, but due to some kind of damage, you can’t?  Well, now we at JTGDesign can change that!  We can help you repair and restore your photographs, so that you can give them the proper respect of adorning your wall.  Since there are many types of damage, the list below will try and pinpoint the level of restoration needed.  This may change upon the start of the project, if we find that extra is needed, etc.  Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and if for some reason you are not happy, no payment will be expected.   Proofs will be watermarked, until full payment is made.

Minor Restoration*

Repair of minor damage (stains, scratches, tears, etc.) in non detail areas.  Removal of “Red Eye”, brightening teeth or removing skin blemish.  Repair of discoloration or fading.

Moderate Restoration**

Repair of moderate damage (stains, scratches, tears, etc.).  Repair of moderate discoloration or fading.  Repair of missing or damaged edges.  Repair of water damage, creases or torn photos.  Color enhancement of  non-damaged photos. Repair or replacement of background in photo.

Major Restoration***

Repair of major damage (discoloration, fading, etc.).  Repair of any cracks/tears not destroying the main subject of the photo.  Turn B&W photo into a colored portrait.

Extreme Restoration****

Repair of extensive scratches or fading over entire photo.  Repair of extensive damage to photo subject.    Change of photo shape/custom cropping (square to oval, oval to portrait, etc.).  Removal of person or image in picture.  Reconstruction of missing part of photo.