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Joshua 24:15

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“VHS to DVD Conversion” is now available!!

Do you have those old VHS tapes sitting around collecting dust and you’d like to preserve them for your families future?  Now you can!  Here at JTGDesign, we are able to convert VHS tapes into DVD’s that you can sit down and watch with your family.

We love how some of the kids today are hearing about VHS tapes and not even knowing what they are - makes us feel young doesn’t it? Well, now we can advance to the new world and lose those old VHS tapes.  Do you remember when we had to sometimes use the cassette tape trick of the pencil to roll it up when it became unwound?

Let’s join today’s generation and ditch the VHS for DVD!!

....just think, in a few years, we’re going to have to ditch the DVD’s…but we won’t dwell on that yet….

If this is something you need, head over to the “Contact Us” page and we can set up for you to get those tapes converted to DVD’s.